'From its beginnings as a three-sax unit in 1997,
The Remote Viewers has extended its reach and overall game plan.
Northover and Petts prompt a seemingly limitless modus of
expanding the original sound into larger frameworks.
Cunning and strikingly distinct, The Remote Viewers
is an entity that should not be overlooked.'

Glenn Astarita - All About Jazz

Upcoming gigs

Wednesday 7th June
The Remote Viewers Saxophone Quartet
at Catford Constitutional Club
Catford Broadway, London SE6 4SP
Really near to Catford Rail Stations
David Petts - tnr sax
Adrian Northover - sop sax
Sue Lynch - tnr sax
Caroline Kraabel - alto sax


Look out for

The Remote Viewers Trio 
David Petts - tnr sax
Adrian Northover - sop sax
John Edwards - double bass

Next gig for trio line up will be at the Boat-ting 6th Nov 2017,
with all new compositions and CD on the way



Latest release:
No Voice From The Hall

Some reviews here

No Voice


Outtake from the new CD
(Trio improvisation by Edwards, Sanders and Northover).